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Home Repair Handyman Service Near McAllen TX: Are you Searching for Best Home Repair Handyman Service near McAllen TX? Handyman McAllen ,offers home repairs experts offer services such as general carpentry, plumbing and electrical work, interior and exterior painting, doors, windows, and a variety of other home improvement and handyman services. Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Home Repair Handyman Service around McAllen TX. We serve McAllen TX and other areas. Get a Free Quote Now!



Home Repairs Handyman At Handyman McAllen

Home Repair Handyman Service Near McAllen TX:

Handyman McAllen Provides Home Repairs. Every home could use some every once and a while, especially after the recent bout of bad weather. Whether from severe storms, general wear and tear, or age, if your home is in need of repair and restoration services, you can rely on the McAllen TX general contractors at Handyman McAllen to help you out.

Our McAllen TX home repairs experts offer services such as general carpentry, plumbing and electrical work, interior and exterior painting, doors, windows, and a variety of other home improvement and handyman services.

The Dreaded “To-Do” List of Home Repairs in McAllen TX

Don’t be ashamed. Most of us have done it before. You find something wrong in the house – like a leaky faucet, a flickering light, scuffed floorboards, or chipping paint – and you make a mental note of it, swearing you’ll get around to it this weekend. Or next weekend. Or next month. Or when you finally decide you’ve saved up enough for that remodeling project you’ve been dreaming of.

Then you find that your to-do list of home repairs has piled up to a hefty sum of problems that will take more than a weekend to tackle, at least with the tools and resources you have at your disposal. If you have the tools and resources you need to tackle this list of home repairs in the first place!

If you have a list of home repairs that need to get taken care of, don’t fret over it. Call the Handyman McAllen for assistance. Our general contractors can provide you with all the handyman services you need to get your home back looking as good as new!

McAllen TX Handyman Provides Home Repairs

Home Repair Handyman Service Near McAllen TX:

Handyman McAllen is the general contractor you can rely on for professional restoration services throughout the McAllen TX area. We are willing to provide service to homeowners within a 100 mile radius of our location in McAllen TX, and you can contact us at any time to request services. Our team of home repair specialists are available 24/7!

Our contractors are skilled at general carpentry and millwork. From custom carpentry to deck building, fences, railings, trim and molding, and everything in between, you can count on our carpentry experts to take care of it.

  • Flooring

Handyman McAllen is your source for high quality flooring for all the rooms in your home. Our McAllen TX flooring installation experts can efficiently and safely remove your old flooring and install new floors in any room of your home. Carpet, hardwood floors, stone and ceramic tile flooring … we install, replace and repair it all!

  • Painting

Is the exterior paint of your home chipped and fading? Are there dings and scuffs on the walls inside from children playing a bit too rough indoors or that last time you rearranged the furniture? At Handyman McAllen our general contractors offer both exterior and interior house painting services to help homeowners throughout the McAllen TX area get their homes looking as good as new again with a fresh coat of paint. Sometimes, that’s all it takes to make your home look fantastic! So whether you want to update the look of your home or are in desperate need of drywall repairs and painting services, we’ll take care of it.

  • Electrical Work

As a McAllen TX general contractor, Handyman McAllen is skilled in a variety of home improvement industries, including the repair and installation of electrical components. We can take care of all the electrical work you need done, from installing new lighting to adding new outlets and switches.

  • Plumbing

Plumbing installations, remodeling and repairs are also a service offered by our handyman team of general contractors. From replacing a leaky faucet in the kitchen to equipping bathrooms with new plumbing fixtures, our plumbing specialists will have this part of your “to-do” list taken care of promptly, correctly and with expert care.

  • Windows & Doors

If you want to do more than just repair your home, consider investing in projects that can really improve your home’s overall energy efficiency. We often get calls from homeowners in the McAllen TX area asking us to come fix their windows and doors. We can do more than fix your windows and doors – we can improve them. By investing in energy efficient window replacements, weatherstripping for doors, or new and improved doors that boost energy efficiency with their air-tight construction features, you can lower your heating and cooling costs. In today’s economy, every little bit counts. Call your McAllen TX general contractor at Handyman McAllen today to learn more about how our replacement windows and doors can save you money and essentially pay for themselves over time!

Our McAllen TX Home Repair Contractors Provide

  • Handyman Services
  • Home Improvement
  • Home Maintenance Services
  • Home Repair Service
  • Handyman Repair
  • House Repairs
  • Home Restoration
  • Home Repairs
  • Carpentry


Handyman McAllen

Best commercial residential handyman maintenance renovation professionals in McAllen, TX


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  • Door Repair Service
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  • Exterior Painting Service
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Why select our professional Handyman for your service in McAllen TX?

Home Repair Handyman Service Near McAllen TX:

  1. Warranty on all parts and services
  2. 100 percent customer satisfaction – The majority of our customers are repeat customers and are happy to refer friends and family for our services in McAllen TX.
  3. 24/7 service – Yes. It is true that our handyman service team works 24 hours and 7 days a week!
  4. Immediate Response – We accept service calls and inquires by email, our customer contact form and by phone. You will have an immediate response and most likely have your service completed within 24 hours.
  5. Free Quote and Estimate on Handyman Repairs – Our expert team of handyman services in NYC provide free quotes and estimates for all the handyman repairs prior to the work being started. Our quotes are 100% reliable.
  6. Special Offers – McAllen TX Handyman at your service in McAllen TX has many special offers. We have special offers for senior citizens and repeat customers. Check our website for current offers and discounts.

Efficient and Economical Handyman Services in McAllen TX Both at its Best

Our professional team providing handyman services in McAllen TX are the solution to your problem. We can handle any construction, remodeling, or repair you need and will be able to schedule your service within 24 hours.

Leave it to us!


Home Repair Handyman Service Near McAllen TX:

  • Repair Wobbly Chairs and Tables

One of the most annoying problems any homeowner could have is wobbly furniture. So to begin this list of common home repairs, here’s a simple remedy for unsteady chairs and tables. Simply take them apart (and label them, so you could put them back easily), and use a chisel to remove any excess glue or wood on the joining parts. Once the “joints” of the chairs and tables are clean, re-apply some glue, and put the parts together. Hold them all with a rope until the glue dries. Easy!

  • Stop Water Leaks

None of us really know the reason why, but sometimes our homes just seem to have so many leaks all at the same time! The solution to this is simple: install a water shut off valve.

  • Clear Your Mirrors

Ditch the expensive moisturizer because you’re not aging faster than you think. All you need are some common home repairs to see yourself clearly again in the mirror! Here are 4 solutions for cleaning or concealing black spots on your mirror. My favorite is taping aluminum foil to the back of the mirror.

  • The Trick For Smooth Sliding Drawers

Common home repairs often rely on a secret trick, and for this one, you’ll never guess what it is. To have your drawers sliding smoothly again, all you need to do is rub a stick of old candle against the bottom of the drawer where it touches the dresser.

  • Sticking Door No More

If you have claustrophobic tendencies, you might want to take note of this common home repair. Sometimes, doors getting stuck really scare me more than they bother me, so I followed this simple trick. Cut a piece of thin cardboard in the size of your door shims, and insert it between the actual door shim and your door hinge. Screw the parts back and voila! Problem solved.

  • Getting Rid of Bathroom Mold

Common home repairs are here to address the problem that’s all bothered us at least once in our lives: mold. This guide has 3 tips for getting rid of bathroom mold. Why not begin with the simplest one? Because humidity is often the reason fungi start to grow, simply open a window after a shower to dry out the moisture in the air!

  • Stop the Toilet Bowl From Leaking

Too many rookie mistakes have been made in fixing a leaking toilet bowl, so here’s a guide on how to get it right once and for all. The best part? This quite complicated process costs only 9 dollars.

  • Fix Stripped Screw Holes

Sometimes a house reveals little quirks only after you’ve lived in them for years. I was surprised to find stripped screw holes in a part of the house one afternoon, so I decided to fix the problem with a toothpick. Yes, just insert a toothpick to fill the hole and screw whatever it is you need to screw onto it. This prevents the hole from creating more cracks when taking in more screwing!

  • Fix Your Screen Door Closer

Having a screen door at the house has many benefits, but can sometimes require common home repairs. If the problem is just tension, just loosen up or tighten the tension adjustment screw at the end of the closer. If you must attach an entirely new screen door closer, this tutorial also has the right way of putting the door closer so you’ll never have to worry about your screen door again!

  • Fix Leaking Copper Pipes

This common home repair sounds hard, but fixing a leaking copper pipe is pretty easy. Just cut out the part of the pipe that’s leaking, and replace it with a clean one to which a SharkBite (the secret) is attached. Simple and efficient!

  • Repair Curtain Rod Anchors

Among these common home repairs, this one is what you must remember if you like to decorate your house. The secret is Toggle Bolts and Snaptoggle. With these materials linking your curtain rod anchor to the wall, you’ll have no problem hanging any kind of curtain to suit your taste!

  • Repair Your Fire Pit

Using the fire pit is inevitable, especially when you have regular outdoor gatherings with friends. A common problem, however, is abusing the ash pan at the bottom of the pit. The ash pan is irreplaceable, so you must procure a metal sheet to drill over your old ash pan. This little ingenious trick will cure all your fire pit woes!

  • Remove and Install a New Dishwasher

We’re all guilty: we abuse our dishwashers. So, it’s expected, they need replacing once in a while. For this common home repair, remember to shut off the water and electric supply first. Disconnecting these plugs from the old dishwasher will tell you how to put them back once you install the new one. Once you’ve attached your new dishwasher, do a test run. Doing this systematically should leave no trouble!


How Much Does A Home Repair Handyman Charge?

Home Repair Handyman Service Near McAllen TX:

  • $50 – $80 Per Hour
  • $150 – $600 Average Job

A handyman charges $50 to $80 per hour or $320 to $600 per day on average, plus the cost of materials. A handyman may have a minimum charge of $75 to $200 or a minimum number of hours. Common services may have flat-rate handyman pricing, including both the labor and materials.

If you have any small jobs but not the time or skill to do them yourself, consider hiring a handyman. A handyman can take care of many small projects and hires out their services to those who need them. Depending on the handyman, they may be able to do anything, from repairing your deck to installing a toilet. Some even have the skills for minor bathroom upgrades and wiring a new light.

There is a wide range of associated costs with the variation in projects. The national average cost to hire a handyman is between $150 and $600, with most people spending around $300 to install a large flat-screen TV complete with HDMI cable and electrical outlet. The low cost for hiring a handyman is around $75 to replace a bathroom faucet with the homeowner providing the new faucet. The high cost is around $1,000 to repair and paint the drywall in a 12’ x 12’ room.

Cost to Hire a Handyman

Home Repair Handyman Service Near McAllen TX:

Handyman Hiring Costs

  • National average cost $300
  • Average range $150-$600
  • Minimum cost $75
  • Maximum cost $1,000

Handyman Hourly Rate

The hourly rate for a handyman ranges from $50 to $100, with most charging around $65 an hour. Depending on the handyman, this may include driving time and material markup fees. Others charge a flat rate or have a minimum, so they may charge $65 an hour with a $130 minimum charge. Even if something takes less than 1 hour to complete, you still pay the minimum rate.

Trip Charge for a Handyman

Not all handymen have a trip charge. Those who do start hourly billing when they leave for your job. This is most typical for small jobs. For example, if they plan to change a faucet and anticipate a job of 15 minutes. They start the billing when they leave their home and end when they finish the job. If the drive time is 30 minutes, they charge 45 minutes, rather than only for 15. This charge is most common for handymen without a minimum charge.

Handyman Minimum Charge

Home Repair Handyman Service Near McAllen TX:

Not all handymen have a minimum charge, but the most common is $130. This is usually for small projects that take 30 minutes or less. For example, when fixing a leaky pipe, a job that could take a few minutes or two hours, they likely give you a minimum charge to cover some of their travel time.


Typical charges for repairs range from $75 to $700. Repairs may include a toilet flush valve, leaking pipe, or drywall repair. Not all handymen are well versed in all types. Some can handle minor plumbing jobs but not those related to the pipework. Likewise, some can handle small drywall repairs but not major repairs. Repairs are usually charged on an hourly basis.

Handyman Maintenance

Maintenance tasks carried out by a handyman average between $100 and $280. Typical maintenance jobs include removing leaves and debris from your gutters, scraping and staining a deck, and recalking a shower. Every handyman has a list of maintenance projects they provide. Some specialize in maintenance and take care of numerous tasks, while others may only do one or two. Speak to your handyman about what they can do. Most maintenance jobs are charged by the hour.

Handyman Rates by Repair Tasks

Handymen are particularly good at minor repairs. While you should always hire a specialist for major repairs concerning appliances, furnaces, and foundations, a handyman can easily address minor repairs. Charges for the repairs generally range depending on the problem’s severity and repair’s complexity.

Repair                                   Average Costs

Hole in a Wall                      $125 – $175

Door Repair                         $125 – $200

Window Repair                   $125 – $200

Fence Repair                        $125 – $200

Stair Repair                          $150 – $300

Cabinet Repair                    $150 – $500

Appliance Repair                $200 – $400

Tile and Grout Repair        $200 – $400

Deck Repair                         $200 – $500

Siding Repair                       $250 – $300

Drywall Repair                    $275 – $800

Leaking Pipe                       $275 – $800

Roof Repair                          $300 – $900


Are estimates free?

Estimates provided over the phone and email are free. If you require a quote in person we do have a trip charge that, depending on the final cost of the project, we will refund it in your final invoice, if the job bid is approved (only for jobs $500 and above).

Is your business insured?

We are fully insured with a general liability policy to protect your home in the unlikely event of an accident. Our employees are also insured with a worker’s compensation policy to protect our handymen while on the jobs sites and enroute.

Do you require a deposit?

We only require a deposit for costly materials (especial orders for doors, windows, flooring, paint, and others), if the cost is more than $100. Any refunds would require a re-stocking fee, depending on the cost of the parts or materials.

What is the difference between a contractor and a handyman?

The simplest explanation is that a contractor is licensed and a handyman is not. It is easier to hold a contractor accountable with the state for the work.

Do you tip a handyman?

This varies by area. In most cases, it is acceptable to round up the bill. For example, if the bill is $80, you may pay $100. Otherwise, the average tip is around $20.

Can a handyman do plumbing or electrical work?

This depends on the handyman and the plumbing or electrical work. They cannot work on jobs that have had a permit pulled. Some handymen have experience in these areas, while others do not. They may do minor plumbing and electrical jobs but leave the extensive work to the pros.

Do you need to be qualified to be a handyman?

You do not need to be licensed. Other than that, it is up to the professional’s skill level. Most handymen are fairly experienced. They may have been in the trades at an earlier time or have done enough DIY projects to feel comfortable working for someone else. Every handyman has their skill set and areas they feel comfortable in.


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