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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions regarding our handyman company and the handyman service we provide for our clients in McAllen, TX, here, you can find the answers needed. If you still cannot see the answers you are looking for, you are more than welcome to give Handyman McAllen a call at (956) 587-3488 for more information. We will answer all your questions!

Q: What services does this company provide?

A: Our services include tile floor installation, hardwood floor installation, exterior and interior painting, pressure washing services, carpentry service, doors & windows replacement. We also provide our clients with emergency home repair service that just can’t wait. It doesn’t matter if it’s something in your office or home, we can help by improving every aspect of your property!

Q: Do I have to purchase the materials on my own if I hire this company for a home repair service?

A: Although you can, it’s not necessary. We even advise our clients not to do any costly investments because they can be risky. It’s best for us if we pick the materials and tools we need for the repair project.

Q: Can I trust a handyman from this company with my office or home?

A: Yes you can. We are technicians that are well trained and with many years of experience. We know how difficult it is to trust somebody with your property, but we guarantee that every repair service provided by our company is prompt and professional!

Q: The front door of my house needs to be fixed as soon as possible because I am afraid that someone might break in. Should I trust you?

A: Of course we can. Our emergency home repair service is among the preferred ones in the area, and we make sure every repair job goes to plan. We are fully dedicated and can repair that door and help you sleep well at night.

Q: I need a handyman service provider, but I am on a tight budget. Should I still give this company a call?

A: Absolutely! All of our services are provided at reasonable prices, making sure we fit into every budget. This helps us expand our client base; plus, we want to help more and more commercial and residential property owners to have well-maintained properties.

Q: I am a DIY enthusiast, but one of the steps on my staircase is broken. Should I hire this company for repairs or I should try to repair it myself?

A: For maximum results and safety reasons, the thing you have to do is simply to give our experts a call. We can help you out with that cracked step, also ensuring your safety. Pick up the phone and give us a call!

Are you still having trouble finding the answers to your questions regarding the handyman service we provide for our clients in McAllen, TX? If so, you are more than welcome to give Handyman McAllen a call, and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Handyman Service In Mcallen, Tx - Faq's Cost Price

Below is a list of our frequently asked questions related to handyman services.  If you don’t find the question or answer you’re looking for, please feel free to Contact Us.

Are the estimates free?

Yes!  The technician (handyman) will view the project and give an estimate for a lump sum.

Do I need to purchase the materials on my own?

You can, but it is not necessary.  All of our technicians have access to local hardware stores and home improvement centers.  We can pick up, deliver and install any materials you desire for the project.

Do you charge by the hour or the job?

We do NOT charge by the hour.  We give an estimate for a complete project.  By not charging hourly, we remove the risk of the project taking longer and ultimately costing the customer more than the estimate.

How do I pay for services?

You can pay by check, credit card or by a debit card, venmo, cashapp, paypal, Bitcoin.

Do you work weekends and evenings?

Yes!  When you book your appointment with the call center, the call service representative will make every effort to accommodate your schedule.

Can I choose the material colors and manufacturers?

Yes!  We leave the choices to you!  You pick the paint colors or the material color.  You can even choose the manufacturer if you desire.  You can also leave the selection of the manufacturer to us.  We only use high quality manufacturers.

Can I trust the handyman in my home or office?

All of our technicians go through a thorough screening process.  Our Tier 1 technicians have a minimum of 10 years experience and their own hand-tools.  We know that trust is a major factor when you have someone coming into your home or business, so we make certain all of our technicians are prompt, clean, and professional!


On average, handymen charge $55 per hour, with costs ranging from $35 to $80 per hour plus the cost of materials they buy. For small jobs, a handyman might have a minimum charge of $50 to $100. However, how much you pay will ultimately depend on where you live and the complexity of the job.

Cost to Hire a Handyman:

  • National Average Cost $55/hour
  • Low-End Cost $35/hour
  • High-End Cost $80/hour

A handyman is a skilled worker who specializes in tackling your list of home projects. You can hire a handyman to do odd jobs and small repairs such as installing equipment and fixtures, replacing faulty parts, repairing leaky or squeaky stuff, performing general maintenance, assembling furniture, clearing out rubbish and junk, painting walls, demolishing old closets, repairing drywall, installing kitchen cabinets, handling basic carpentry or electrical work, planting shrubs, and performing other small jobs and home improvements.

What’s in this cost guide?

What affects the cost of handyman services?

Flat-rate handyman jobs

Handyman hourly rates

Travel fees

Material costs

Minimum service fee

What’s the difference between a handyman and a contractor?

How to hire a great handyman

How to save money on handyman projects

Find a handyman near you

What affects the cost of handyman services?

The cost to hire a local handyman typically depends on their hourly rate, the scope of your home project, your zip code or location, and any materials or parts required. A handyman may charge one hourly rate, regardless of project type, or may charge varying hourly rates based on how dirty, dangerous or complex the project will be. For some common home projects, a handyman can offer a flat rate based on their estimate of how long the job usually take.

Factors that might affect an hourly rate are geographic location and skill level of the handyman. In regions with a high cost of living, a handyman must charge more per hour than in an area with a lower cost of living. Insurance, vehicle upkeep and other business overhead considerations all factor into this rate.

The materials needed to complete your job will also impact your cost. Many handymen travel with the typical nuts, bolts, nails and screws needed for minor home repairs, and include the minimal cost for these small parts in their hourly rate. However, if your home repair requires costly parts, such as new blades for your ceiling fan, the handyman will bill those costs to you.

Hiring a handyman is a great way to save money in the long run because when you address minor home problems before they get worse, you can prevent a pricey visit from a licensed contractor later on. For example, having a handyman repair a leaky faucet for under $100 in labor costs saves you from paying thousands of dollars to a flooring contractor for a new floor because an unchecked leak has destroyed your subfloor.

In addition to disaster prevention, a handyman can ease your stress if you’re capable of taking on home repairs but just don’t have the time for an ever-growing list of chores.


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