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Looking for Outdoor services near McAllen TX?  Handyman McAllen is the will transform your yard into the warm and welcoming environment you always envisioned. Let us make your outdoor area both beautiful and functional! Cost? Free estimates! Send us a message or call us today. Best Outdoor Services around McAllen TX. McAllen TX Outdoor Services turn your outdoor living space into a serene oasis that is perfect for your private getaway as well as for entertaining your guests. We serve McAllen TX and other areas.




 Handyman McAllen will help you transform your outdoor living space into an area that is both beautiful and functional!

Making the impossible, possible…

Our professional landscapers and designers can help you achieve the seemingly impossible when it comes to your landscape. Just imagine a light-lined walkway leading to an outdoor kitchen and dining area on your brand new patio, surrounded by a stunning arrangement of plants, trees, shrubs, and flowers that border a waterfall or pond. Don’t spend this spring, summer or fall indoors! Let  Handyman McAllen turn your outdoor living space into a serene oasis that is perfect for your private getaway as well as for entertaining your guests. Whether you are looking to enhance the appeal of your lawn and gardens or want to add a patio, block or stone retaining wall, brick or flagstone walkway, or entire outdoor kitchen,  Handyman McAllen will transform your yard into the warm and welcoming environment you always envisioned. Let us make your outdoor area both beautiful and functional!


 Handyman McAllen is a fully insured landscaping company that has been in the business in this area for over 20 years, offering an ample array of landscape design, installation, and maintenance services for residential properties. We specialize in landscaping and lawn care, while we also offer snow plowing and sanding during the winter. Whether you are looking to add new features to your outdoor property or simply wish to maintain the landscape already in place,  Handyman McAllen will make your outdoor space an area you are proud to call your own.

Our customers rave about our friendly crew, prompt service, and reliable high-quality of work. These traits, along with our expertise in a wide variety of services, makes us your go-to company for outdoor care in the tristate area. Our in-depth design process ensures impeccable workmanship, and we are experts when it comes to building features that will repeatedly endure the harsh New England weather conditions.

While many of our clients hail from Copake, Hillsdale, A cram, Great Barrington, Alford and Edgemont, we regularly travel for our clients. Furthermore, we understand that each customer has time and budget constraints, and we completely value your individual needs. Don’t wait any longer to make your landscaping dream a reality!

About Us

Our McAllen TX Outdoor Services crew is always working on projects that will beautify our growing campus. They maintain the grounds of campus which includes tree pruning, turf maintenance, litter control, flower beds, outdoor trash cans and ashtrays, snow removal, irrigation maintenance, sign repair, landscape design.

Outdoor Services Provided:

  • Turf maintenance
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Landscaping
  • Exterior trash removal
  • Snow removal
  • Irrigation
  • Sign repair
  • Asphalt maintenance
  • Gardens/Planters

There are multiple garden and planter sites on campus. Garden sites are defined as a concentrated area of diverse plants at or slightly above grade, based on a designed planting, requiring regular maintenance/irrigation and replacement of plants to keep the design intact. Planters are enclosed raised structures which also require irrigation and regular replacement of plants. Gardens are filled with perennials, bulbs, groundcover and annuals for an ever-changing palette of color throughout the year. Areas around most buildings are planted with ground cover, grasses, bushes or evergreen bushes.


  • Columbine Hall Four winds sculpture
  • Center plaza
  • Circular Bed at Main Hall
  • Regent Circle Entrance and roundabout
  • Meadow Entrance roundabout
  • Demonstration Garden behind Centennial Hall
  • Science & Engineering Building


Handyman McAllen

Best commercial residential handyman maintenance renovation professionals in McAllen, TX


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  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Bathroom Renovation
  • Building Addition
  • Cleaning Services
  • Commercial Handyman Services
  • Concrete Contractor
  • Deck Contractor
  • Door Repair Service
  • Drywall Contractor
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  • Window Repair Service
  • General Contracting


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  • Columbine Hall
  • Center plaza
  • University Center upper and lower plaza
  • Alpine Village
  • Department of Public Safety

Plant Select

Handyman McAllen is now a member of Plant Select. The purpose of Plant Select is to seek out, identify and distribute the very best plants for Colorado landscapes. Being a member offers us more opportunities to educate students, faculty, staff, and the community about plants that thrive in local landscapes.


 Handyman McAllen has a varied micro-culture within Colorado Springs. We have the native bluffs climate surrounding campus but we also have a more cultivated climate within campus between buildings and in open spaces.

Native Landscaping

Thanks to the bluffs, roughly 60% of the  Handyman McAllen campus is native landscaping. This is defined as native plant life allowed to grow pretty much unassisted and unchecked.  Handyman McAllen encourages native landscaping to be used as much as possible when designing and constructing on campus. Native landscaping saves water, gas, and time as it does not require weekly maintenance. These areas also enhance  Handyman McAllen’ unique image and dedication to living in cooperation with our unique environment.

Native areas are very delicate as the plants have to struggle for every resource, the most important being water. Therefore, it is important to stay on designated paths and maintain trash vigilance in these areas, as even one person walking through a field can cause irreparable damage to the delicate plants, leading to erosion and the formation of deep gullies.

Tree Management

 Handyman McAllen has a diverse forest of trees including both coniferous and deciduous trees. There are many mature trees dating back decades as well as numerous young trees planted as part of the many campus construction projects and as replacement to dying or diseased trees.

Trees on campus are assessed throughout the year to determine health, placement, and design viability. To assist with their overall health, trees are pruned and treated for diseases. Generally, if a tree is removed due to age or disease it is replaced during the next planting cycle, funding permitted. If there are changes to the requirements of the area where the tree once was, due to construction or design parameters, something other than a replacement tree may be substituted including a different species of tree, landscaping or a building or road.


Every effort is made to keep all the trees on campus in good health as well as increase the number and variety of trees on campus. During construction projects every tree impacted by the construction is evaluated for health and suitability to the project. If possible the tree is either preserved or moved to a new location on campus. If a tree is not able to be moved due to health or size the tree is removed.

Goals for Tree Management

  • To preserve as many of the campus trees as possible
  • To increase the variety of trees on campus
  • To plant trees with the best chance of surviving our unique climate
  • To increase the number of trees on campus in general and in hot zones specifically (hot zones are determined by the landscape committee, campus architect and campus Master Gardener)

Landscaping Services

Whether you need mulch installation, bed renewal, or hedge trimming we can do it almost all for you. Our basic list of services includes but is not limited to-

  • Hedge Trimming
  • Mulch Installation to existing or new beds
  • Weed Removal
  • Bed Renewal
  • Minor Tree Trimming

Spring Cleanup

As we come out of the cold snowy days, I am sure you are looking at your lawn wishing it was lush and green and did not have all the trash and yard waste over it. We can help you with that! Our spring cleanup includes everything to get your lawn ready for the spring growth period.

  • Trash, twigs, and sticks removed.
  • All leaves removed.
  • Turf repair from plows and snow blowers.
  • Cutting back all perennials and pulling of annuals from previous year.
  • Dethatching or aerating can also be added for an additional fee.
  • Irrigation system start up can also be added for an additional fee.

Fall Cleanup and Leaf Removal

As the temperatures get cooler and the leaves change color, it’s about time to start thinking about fall cleanups and leaf removal. Instead of spending countless hours raking and bagging just to do it again two days later, why not hire us. We can do multiple approaches to cleaning up leaves. If you are one of our lawn customers we can keep up with the leaves as we are there weekly in the fall or you could choose to do one big clean-up at the end of the year. The prices for each do vary greatly and depend on multiple factors. Our weekly and one time cleanups include all of the following-

  • Beds blown out to be free of leaves
  • All leaves removed from property.
  • Street line cleaned up and leaves removed.
  • Twigs and sticks removed from property.

Snow Plowing and Ice Control

As an outdoor maintenance company, we don’t only service our customers for three seasons, we also have the means and equipment to service residential and commercial properties for snow plowing and ice control. Every property is completely different and has different needs, so feel free to contact us and we can go over all options and figure out which would be best for you.


How Much Does Outdoor Services Landscaping Cost?

$50 – $100 per Hour ($4 to $12 per SF)

Outdoor Landscaping services near McAllen TX: Landscaping costs vary depending on the size of the job and how many landscapers it requires. For small jobs such as lawn care or tree service, you can expect to pay $50 to $100 per hour. For larger jobs such as installation, prices range from $4 to $12 per square foot. When starting from scratch, most homeowners will spend between $3,000 and $15,950 for landscaping. Get free estimates from landscapers near you.

Outdoor Landscaping Costs

Landscaping costs vary depending on the size of the job and how many landscapers it requires. For small jobs such as lawn care or tree service, you can expect to pay $50 to $100 per hour. For larger jobs such as landscaping installation, you can expect to pay $4 to $12 per square foot.


Outdoor Landscaping Cost per Square Foot

On average, landscaping costs $4 to $12 per square foot after installation. Prices depend on the size of your yard, where you are located, and the complexity of the job. Labor is the biggest expense at around 80% of your total cost.

Landscaping Costs per Hour

On average, landscapers charge between $50 and $100 per hour. Prices depend on the size of the job and how many Landscapers it requires. Landscaping labor costs $25 to $50 per hour per crew member. For standard lawn care, it takes a two-person crew 30 minutes to cut your lawn which comes out to about $100 an hour.

New Landscaping Installation Cost

The cost to landscape a new house ranges from $3,000 to $15,950 depending on the size of the yard. If you’re starting from scratch, expect to pay much more than one-time projects. New landscaping installation will require four or more landscapers over several weeks with an average cost of $200 per hour including materials and labor.

Landscaping Prices

Landscaping prices start at $300 to $800 for small maintenance tasks and range from $2,000 to $4,000 for large jobs such as sod or sprinkler installation. The average homeowner spends $3,000 to $15,950 for new landscaping installation for their home.


Do you offer a guarantee for your services?

We stand by the services we provide 100%.  If you are not satisfied with a particular service please contact our office and we will reapply a treatment as needed and/or make adjustments to the service to meet your expectations.  Our seeding are guaranteed for germination provided they are watered according to the instructions provided at the time of seeding.  Any claims for seeding related services must occur within 30 days of the seeding date.


When is it safe for people and pets to go on the lawn after an application?

Once the lawn is dry it is safe for people and pets to walk on.  This typically takes 1 to 2 hours after an application is complete.  This timeframe may be shorter or longer depending on current weather conditions.


How will I know an application was done?

Prior to all applications our technicians will knock on the door to explain the service to be done in detail and answer any questions you may have.  We will always post the property with treatment signs.  After the application is complete we will leave a list of the materials used and an evaluation of the property when applicable.


Do I need to water my lawn before or after an application?

In most cases it is not necessary to water your lawn before or after an application.  The only treatment that should be watered in is the Grub and Insect Control.  If possible, this should take place within 24 hours if natural rainfall does not occur before then.




How long after an application can I mow my lawn?

If possible, the lawn should not be mowed for 24 hours after an application.  This will allow time for any liquid material to dry, and any granular material to settle into the soil.  Avoid collecting the grass clippings if possible as this will remove a small percentage of the materials we applied.  If you have a service who mows your lawn, please let us know what day they typically come and we will add that information to your account.


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